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book fairy

September 2009



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love is only a chapter

The Pact by Jodi Picoult

Title: The Pact
Author: Jodi Picoult
Pages: 496
Genre: Fiction

About this book:
Until the phone calls came at three o'clock on a November morning, the Golds and their neighbors, the Hartes, had been inseparable. It was no surprise to anyone when their teenage children, Chris and Emily, began showing signs that their relationship was moving beyond that of lifelong friends. But now seventeen-year-old Emily is dead -- shot with a gun her beloved and devoted Chris pilfered from his father's cabinet as part of an apparent suicide pact -- leaving two devastated families stranded in the dark and dense predawn, desperate for answers about an unthinkable act and the children they never really knew.

My thoughts:
Absolutly loved this book. It was indeed a page turner. I am definitly falling for Jodi Picoult as one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to read her other books. I loved this story more because of how it's a "love story" between 2 seventeen year old teenagers. When I first started reading it, I thought this was going to be like a Romeo and Juliet kinda story but it didn't turn out that way one bit. Obviously it's not way back in the day when they talked weird and you didn't understand what they were saying. But because of the trial and what not. Man oh man, Picoult sure doesn't miss a thing when she writes a book. She doesn't leave an end open or anything. I love that. Although I must say, I figured there would be a twist in the story at the end and it would've turned out Chris killed Emily but as more and more of the story opened up and I came to feel like I knew Chris and Emily, I was like "no way could he have killed her" and with all the evidence, I went back and forth between the two. I came to the conclusion, no matter what the prosecution threw at me (or the jury), there was no way Chris would've killed Emily. However, when Chris admitted to killing her, I wad very shocked. I didn't know if I could read anymore because I almost started crying. I know I'm a dork. LoL. The thing is, I had thought...during the middle of the book...that maybe they both had their hands on the gun or something but I figured that didn't seem likely. I was wrong...as usual. I'm glad that Chris didn't get sent to jail. After the defense came back full fire after putting Chris on the stand and him saying that he killed Emily, I'm glad that his lawyer said that Chris didn't know who really pulled the trigger since both of their hands were on the gun and Emily jerked the gun when he tried to pull back. I knew that was going to get him off. However, I wish there was more of a sweeter ending since Chris ended up losing Emily and having to deal with it. At the end, I wish he would've found a note from Emily in the tin can that was linked to Chris's room and Emily's room. That was the only thing I would've changed about the whole story but overall it was great!

"She said she loved me. And when you love someone, you left them take care of you."


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hi! i'm from the obsessed_reader community. i've been meaning to read Picoult for a while now but after reading this post, i am convinced to give her a try this time. thanks!

anyway, i added you up in my friends' list, i hope u don't mind =)
I don't mind! Thanks for the add! :) Picoult is an awesome writer too. She's brilliant!
You're right, you do a good job writing reviews! ( I came over here by way of bookshare) I loved this book too. I think what I like about Picoult is that she keeps her stories real. She doesn't sugar coat the stories or the endings, and the emotions/feelings are raw...there is nothing better than crying while reading a book!